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March 2022

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Important Upcoming Dates:

Mar 8 – 20: Customize
Mar 21: Card Charged
Mar 22: Wine available for pickup
Mar 28: Wine Ships

Wines To Look Forward To:

2019 Hallberg Ranch, New Release
2019 Pinot Hill, New Release
2018 Don’s Block, New Release
2018 La Combette, New Release

Recommended Customizations:

2020 Hallberg Blanc, New Release
2019 Hallberg Blanc, New Release
2018 Wesley’s Reserve
2018 Hallberg Elite
2018 Pinot Hill East
2018 Pinot Hill West
2017 Don’s Block

Please note that some wines have a maximum bottle number based on available inventory; for more, email us to be added to the Wish List.

Tasting Notes

2019 Hallberg Ranch — NEW RELEASE

With a dynamic combination of acid, tannin, floral, fruit and spice notes, this alluring wine captures the complexity and character of our acclaimed Hallberg Ranch. Redolent with aromas of red plum, cherry, tomato leaf, sweet beetroot and pithy pomegranate it draws you in, beckoning a first sip. On the palate, the flavors are framed by supple, fine-grained tannins and succulent acidity, which add a bright, juicy quality to the lush red fruit flavors. As it evolves, layers of Mandarin orange zest, incense and dried flowers emerge, along with hints of clove and allspice that linger on the long, fascinating finish.

2019 Pinot Hill — NEW RELEASE

A perfect distillation of the east and west sides of our Pinot Hill Vineyard, this mesmerizing wine is unlike any other Pinot. While it offers graceful layers of wild strawberry, rhubarb pie, Angostura bitters and cherry hard candy, what sets it apart is its savory undercurrents and its saline and umami notes. Mysterious and magnificently layered, it weaves a spell as the red fruit flavors mingle with hints of balsa wood, thyme, sage, sweet coffee and licorice root, all of which are framed by creamy, mouth-filling tannins and a restrained undercurrent of acidity that add lift and life to the tantalizing finish.

2018 Don’s Block — NEW RELEASE

Crafted exclusively from a block of Clone 115 grapes grown in deep soils in the coolest part of our vineyard, this wine builds in intensity with each sip, demanding your attention and drawing you in with beautifully focused layers of orchard cherries, yellow raspberry, honeycomb, hard candy and stone fruit blossoms. At the heart of this wine is a lovely textural quality, with acid and super-polished tannins melding on the palate to create a bright, soulful drinking experience that amplifies the flavors, while also letting the more delicate floral and spice notes shine.

2018 La Combette — NEW RELEASE

This dramatic and luxurious Pinot Noir made from a single clone is grown on a prized hillside block in shallow, well-drained soils. A classic expression of the Mt. Eden Clone, it draws you in with layers of huckleberry, elderberry syrup and hints of rawhide, melted wax, open woodlands and coastal chaparral. On the palate, the tannins are both sumptuous and seamlessly integrated, offering a luxurious framework as the fruit and savory spice flavors glide to a rich, robust finish.

2020 Hallberg Blanc — NEW RELEASE

The 2020 growing season produced very small clusters and berries, which resulted in remarkably intense and concentrated wines—and our Hallberg Blanc is no exception! The richest and most opulent Blanc we have ever produced, it leaps from the glass with aromas of Meyer lemon marmalade, citrus oil, brioche and crème brûlée, as well as notes of gunpowder, sweet hay and melting wax. Though it is delightfully hedonistic on the palate, with a lush, flowing texture and silky peaches and cream flavors, it also possesses a wonderfully energetic backbone that provides energy and brightness to a long resonant finish.

2019 Hallberg Blanc

This wine comes from our two estate vineyards in Sebastopol. Pinot Hill is a cooler, steeper site producing high-acid, complex and delicate wines. Hallberg Ranch brings more textural roundness and alluring red fruit flavors to the wine. When blended together, the result is a wine bursting with fresh and youthful aromas of ripe red cherry, cherry blossom, walnuts, dried orange zest, and a little whiff of honey. The mouth has great fruit concentration, freshness, and energy. It fills the mouth without heaviness and lingers well in the back palate, making it a superb food and sipping wine. 

2018 Wesley’s Reserve

Year after year, the center blocks of Hallberg Ranch yield some of our most dramatic expressions of Pinot Noir, and the 2018 vintage is no exception. Displaying a glorious coastal rusticity the nose offers a medley of woodsy tones, with layers of truffles, forest floor and cool, morning moss mingling with dark berry aromas and notes of sassafras, soy and maple. On the palate, the tannins are pleasantly chewy, adding depth and stately structure to the black and purple fruit flavors, with hints of anise, pecan, pine needles and earthy mushroom lingering on the multifaceted finish.  

2018 Hallberg Elite

Showcasing a prized vine selection from Burgundy and cultivated on one of the most exceptional single blocks of Hallberg Ranch, the 2018 Hallberg Ranch Elite is a beautifully succulent and dynamic wine that delights with its fascinating aromas of tart cherry, papaya, pastry dough, and sour plum. On the palate, an almost nectar-like quality mingles with lovely umami and spice notes, with supple, fine-grained tannins and hints of yeasty lees, salted fruit, pluots, and sweet cinnamon lingering on the finish.  

2018 Pinot Hill East

Like ocean fog rolling across a cool, morning meadow, there is a misty ethereal quality to this wine that adds to its sophisticated beauty. As it unfurls in the glass, graceful layers of dried cherry and cranberry mingle with notes of rooibos tea, red apple skin, and cherry pith.

With airy tannins and a shimmering energy that envelopes a savory core of cool forest earth, dried herbs and delicate spice, this is a beautifully elegant wine, that reveals new subtleties with each sip.

2018 Pinot Hill West

Displaying a lovely, refined opulence, our 2018 Pinot Hill West is a dazzling wine that combines drama and depth with a rich and evocative sense of place. On the nose, nectar-like aromas mingle with savory smoked charcuterie notes, as well as hints of blueberry syrup, Asian spices and exotic flowers. On the luxurious palate, soft velvety tannins and a beam of bright acidity add poise and polish to flavors of almond-cherry liqueur, grilled nectarine, peaty earth, bay leaf and vanilla, while drawing the wine to a beautifully rich and flowing finish. 

2017 Don’s Block

95 points (Wine Enthusiast)
This is our most refined and classically styled Pinot Noir. Featuring a single clone, grown in one prized section of our vineyard. Smelling this wine is like walking through a cherry orchard as the blossoms swirl in the breeze. Aromas of cherry pie, hard cherry candy, peach pit and sweet, fresh-cut hay dance above the glass, along with hints of orange rind and an underlying nuttiness. On the palate, there is a graceful concentration to the focused red berry flavors. At the same time, fine crystalline tannins and a beam of vibrant cool-climate acidity provide a mouthwatering structural element, while underscoring the wine’s effortless purity. As it evolves, the cherry, orange zest and floral notes become ever-more pronounced, drawing the wine to long, shimmering finish. 

Food & Wine Recommendation

Cottage Pie

Our featured recipe of the month is Cottage Pie. Hearty meat and vegetables in a brothy sauce topped with mashed potatoes and baked to bubbly perfection, serve with a glass of William Wesley or Wesley’s Reserve? Yes please!

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