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Brice Jones

Brice Jones

As the son and grandson of West Point officers, Brice’s career path was clear. He entered the Air Force Academy with the third class admitted and graduated with an engineering degree in 1961. Pilot training followed in 1962 with various flying missions around the globe. During a temporary tour in Europe in 1963, Brice discovered wine, and his life-long interest in that subject took root. After a two-year assignment to the Republic of Vietnam as a fighter pilot, Brice returned to the States in 1966 to find the American premium-wine industry just beginning to develop. In 1970 he resigned his Air Force commission and entered Harvard Business School to gain the expertise and knowledge needed to form his own vineyard and winery enterprise.

A handshake on the corner of 57th & Lexington in New York secured financing for the fledgling Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards. After a successful 25 year run the sale of Sonoma-Cutrer was finalized in April of 1999 but Brice’s love affair with wine was hardly over.

In June of the same year, after nearly five years of discussion, Don and Marcia Hallberg finally agreed to sell their spectacular 115-acre apple orchard near Sebastopol to Brice. The land is what has become the home of Emeritus Vineyards, Hallberg Ranch. With Brice’s passion to create an iconic Pinot Noir, the Emeritus project took off and continues with the same passion and commitment to quality.