Emeritus Vineyards

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Farming & Vineyards

Emeritus is committed to expressing the unique character of our vineyards. All vineyard sites that Emeritus farms are on Goldridge soil, which is one to four feet of a sandy-clay loam, underlain with clay soils. All the vineyards are planted at “close spacing” as in Burgundy, about 2023 vines per acre, and are trained and pruned according to the Burgundy AOC model, Guyot—a single cane of about six to eight buds, producing in the end, about 14-16 clusters per vine.

Emeritus employs sustainable and organic farming practices, allowing the vines to naturally come into balance without unnatural interference. With the same philosophy Emeritus chooses to dry-farm, not adding any supplemental water to aid in the yearly cycle of the vines, allowing the vines to establish a natural balance of root mass, foliage and fruit. Dry-farming helps the grapes achieve full ripeness without excessive sugars and extracted flavors.

An immense amount of care is taken in the vineyards to keep the fruit pristine throughout harvest. Harvest begins at midnight, when the temperature in the vineyard has dropped below 50°F. The grapes have recovered from the daily cycle of maturation and are at their peak quality. Hand picking naturally chilled clusters preserves their flavors and natural acidity, and reduces oxidation of the juice as the fruit begins its journey to fermentation. Hand sorting at the winery selects only the best grapes, removing any unevenly ripened or damaged clusters. The grapes are then transferred into small French Oak or stainless steel fermentation vats for cold soaking (which extracts flavors and colors), and subsequent fermentation.