Emeritus Vineyards

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Hallberg Ranch

The home ranch of Emeritus Vineyards lies in the sub-appellation Green Valley, a colder region of the Russian River Valley where fog lingers late in the morning.

Most notable about Hallberg Ranch is that it is completely farmed without irrigation. Dry-farming helps the grapes achieve full physiological ripeness at lower sugar levels, with more complex taste components in heightened balance. With no dehydration, the vines become more naturally in balance with the soil and climate giving the wine a more pure expression of its unique terroir.

Hallberg Ranch has rolling, ridge–top vineyards that are cooled by breezes and fog from the Pacific Ocean. They culminate daily during the grape maturation period in the same marine layer that covers San Francisco from late afternoon till mid–morning. These moderate daytime temperatures provide ideal growing seasons, ripening the grapes slowly. When the nighttime fog cools the vineyards, most nights to below 50°F, this allows the grapes to retain the crucial acids that carry the flavors in the finished wine.