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August 24, 2015 |

Happy Harvest 2015

Happy Harvest 2015!  Harvest began on Hallberg Ranch in the wee hours of the morning on August 14th, which is the earliest we’ve ever started.  The weather leading up to our first pick was hot, followed by a heat wave (it was over 100 degrees!) that first weekend.  Everyone was worried about the fruit ripening faster than we could pick, but we’ve had a cool, damp several days since then which buys our vineyard crew some time.  “All I can say is thank the weather for cooling down!” Nicolas said this morning. 

According to the winemaking team, the fruit is well balanced and the sugar levels are right where we want them.  After a warm, dry year, the berries are smaller than usual.  This means there is a higher skin to juice ratio, which will lead to a more structured and dense Pinot.

On the vineyard side of things, the yields are lower than they have been the past couple years because of the drought.  This means the vineyard crew is working even harder, covering more ground each night, to bring in the scheduled 20-30 tons of fruit.  Good thing our guys are the best in the biz! 

All in all, this year looks to be an exceptional harvest for Emeritus, with extremely high quality grapes and cooler weather to bring it home.  We can’t wait to share our 2015 vintage with you! 


Asst. Winemaker Ryan cleaning out the tanks!

The ladies of the sorting table led by Marisa doing the quality control check on all our fruit.

Pinot grapes in a fermentaion tank. 

The vineyard crew enjoys an early morning tailgate after a long night of picking. 



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