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Emeritus Team
March 26, 2015 | Emeritus Team

Cover Crops & Wildflowers - Spring in the Vineyard

It is wildflower season at Emeritus! The vineyard rows are blooming with natural grasses, wildflowers and mustard! In general Emeritus doesn't actually plant any of these 'cover crops' (called that because they blanket the ground between the vines). We let Mother Nature dictate what grows best without interfering. This creates a habitat for beneficial insects in the vineyards and improves soil fertility and tilth. 

Having cover crops maintains the overall health of the land. Having tall trees for predatory birds, low grasses for insects and snakes, leaving bee hives undisturbed and the like creates a vibrant eco-system on our land and in our local area. This diverse community of flora and fauna will lead to a longer lifespan for our vineyards and means we don't have to use insecticides and other nasty things to protect our vines. Since the eco-system is already balanced the land is much more resistant to pest species. The vines grow in harmony with their environment and can thrive in it!


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