Vineyard Updates

12 grape clusters, each a different Pinot Noir clones from Hallberg Ranch, laid out and clearly labeled on a wooden table.

The Clones of Emeritus Vineyards

Three Emeritus Vineyard workers harvesting grapes in our estate vineyard on a cool, foggy West Sonoma County morning.

Early Harvest Update

Emeritus winemaker David Lattin speaking to visitors in our cellar room at the end of a tour, framed by stacks of barrels behind him on either side.

Winery Update, July 2022

Zach, with a bottle and a glass of Ruby Ruby, sitting outside the tasting room at the picnic table under our catalpa tree.

Meet Zach

In the foreground is a wooden post at the beginning of row 1, block I, in Hallberg Ranch, noting that the row contains clone 37. In the background are more vines and the distant building of Emeritus' winery.

Vineyard Update, June 2022

Bud Break at Hallberg Ranch

Spring Update, March 2022

Hallberg Ranch vines entering their dormant state for the winter.

Vineyard Update, December 2021

Fall foliage at Hallberg Ranch after Harvest

Harvest Update, That’s A Wrap!