With February comes the imminent promise of the end of frost, which we eagerly await here at Hallberg Ranch and Pinot Hill. It also evokes visions of the classic boxes of chocolates, bouquets of roses, and heart-speckled greeting cards of Valentine’s day. 

What better time to reflect on expressions of love? As we consider everything from our partners, our families, and our best friends to our beloved pets, our favorite wines, and our favorite streaming services, we’re making this the Team Emeritus theme of the month. We follow in the footsteps of Ancient Greeks, so let’s kick this off with their names for the nine types of love!

Classic “Valentine’s Day” Loves

Emeritus Vineyards La Combette bottle on a pink marbled ink background


Romance, infatuation, and physical pleasure. This kind of passionate love can be shown shown with hugging, kissing, holding hands, and other romantic gestures. 


Pair this love with: La Combette

Emeritus Vineyards Ruby Ruby & Hallberg Elite bottles on a marbled ink backgroundLudus

The playful honeymoon stage, or the affection between young lovers. This is where most relationships begin. Flirting, giddiness, and playfully getting to know each other eventually blooms into eros and/or pragma, but isn’t necessarily completely lost with time. 


Pair this love with: Ruby Ruby Saignee or Hallberg Elite

Emeritus Vineyards wine bottles on a marbled ink backgroundPragma

Enduring, mature love that’s been developed with time and care. This kind of love drives you to show effort, commitment, and dedication; you’ve already fallen in love, now you’re “standing” in love. 


Pair this love with: Any library wine (2015 and earlier)

Emeritus Vineyards dump bucket on a pink marbled ink backgroundMania

Obsessive, jealous, possessive love. This kind of codependent, imbalanced attachment is best avoided by not losing yourself or sense of self-worth in pursuit of another person, and putting trust into your relationships. 


Pair this love with: A dump bucket

Platonic Loves

Emeritus Vineyards Wesley's Reserve bottle on a marbled ink backgroundPhilia

Affectionate, open, supportive love. This is the love of true friendship, without romantic attraction, that is held between friends and family members who are on the same wavelength. The city of Philadelphia is named in part after this concept, along with adelphos, meaning brother: the City of Brotherly Love. 


Pair this love with: Wesley’s Reserve

Emeritus Vineyards Hallberg Ranch bottle on a marbled ink background


Familiar, accepting love with a deep emotional connection. This kind of love forms between parents and children, siblings, and childhood friends, building on shared memories and easy forgiveness of mistakes.


Pair this love with: Hallberg Ranch

Inclusive Loves

Emeritus Vineyards Pinot Hill West bottle on a pink marbled ink backgroundPhilautia

A healthy love and compassion for one’s self. This is shown by cultivating environments that nurture your well-being, including spending time with supportive people, and generally taking responsibility for your physical, emotional and mental health.


Pair this love with: Pinot Hill West

Emeritus Vineyards Don's Block bottle on a marbled ink backgroundAgápe

Empathic love that doesn’t ask for anything in return and offers a sense of purpose bigger than oneself. This deeply felt love inspires and motivates random acts of kindness, offering time and charity to those in need, and unconditional love in any situation. 


Pair this love with: Don’s Block

Emeritus Vineyards Hallberg Blanc & Pinot Hill bottles on a marbled ink backgroundXenia

Hospitable love, in which both hosts and guests share a mutual respect and courtesy towards each other. The Greek god Zeus is sometimes called Zeus Xenios because he’s the protector of xenia and embodies the religious obligation to be hospitable to travelers. We always strive to cultivate this generosity and courtesy shown visitors and guests in our Hallberg Ranch tasting room! 


Pair this love with: Hallberg Blanc or Pinot Hill