When looking for the best wine to pair with your next holiday feast, you can’t go wrong with Pinot Noir. But which Pinot Noir? When it comes to this meal, everyone has their favorites—what’s yours?

Do you dream of drumsticks? Do you crave cranberry sauce? Do green beans get you going? With your personal favorites in mind, read on for recommendations on which wine to pour in your glass before digging in.

Hallberg Blanc

A dish of scalloped potatoes.Crafted from nine of the 14 clones of Pinot Noir grown at Hallberg Ranch, this lush and flowing wine envelops the palate in layers of white peach, white strawberry, and lemon curd. Like laying in a patch of sun on an autumn day, it flirts between warm and cool tones. As it drifts into a long, lustrous finish, notes of corn silk and ginger candy emerge, hinting at its clonal complexity. Beautifully expressive, we recommend decanting this wine in its youth.

Pair with:

  • Small bites before the meal
  • Creamed onions
  • The white meat of the turkey, with or without gravy
  • Scalloped potatoes
  • Corn bread
  • Roasted corn on the cob with Parmesan
  • Pumpkin pie

Pinot Hill East

Cranberry SauceShaped by abundant fog and the occasional rays of morning sun, our 2017 Pinot Hill East is one of the most profoundly aromatic wines we make. It is more of a savory wine, as it opens up, fascinating notes of orange-cranberry relish, acai, lemon verbena and Angostura bitters are revealed, teasing the senses and inviting a first sip. On the palate, this wine is poised, yet incredibly energetic, with a vibrancy that underscores the depth of flavors. Taut tannins and discrete whispers of oak frame layers of juicy red berry fruit that linger throughout a long and tantalizing finish.

Pair with:

  • Sage-based stuffing
  • Fresh cranberry sauce with orange zest
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Green bean casserole

Pinot Hill West

The West side of the vineyard has a few rays of late-day sun that mitigates the cool coastal winds that bathe the vineyard most afternoons, making our 2017 Pinot Hill West a hedonist’s delight! Dark, sensual, and super-concentrated, it is plush and viscous, coating the palate with flowing flavors of elderberry syrup, black currant, Vietnamese coffee, and vanilla bean. While hints of cold-smoke and first-press ripe olives add to a sense of weightiness, there is a lithe acid-driven energy to this wine that provides focus and finesse to the luxurious finish.

Pair with:

  • Caramelized Brussel sprouts
  • Sweet potatoes or yams
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Creamed spinach
  • Dark turkey meat, with or without gravy
  • Collard greens with smoked ham bits

Ruby Ruby

Cool, quenching, delicate and delicious, our Ruby Ruby races across the palate like a refreshing breeze across coastal meadows of clover and wildflowers. Sparkling with an almost crystalline purity, it reveals its charms with the pristine radiance of a springtime sunrise, with warm soulful undertones of bright fruit shining like sunlight through misty, morning fog.

Pair with:

  • Brie and goat cheese
  • Prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella
  • Hummus and flatbread
  • Fresh strawberries, raspberries or melon

Hallberg Ranch

A glass of red wine to the left of a bountiful Thanksgiving spread: roast turkey with stuffing, gravy, green beans, pie, and more, all set on a white tablecloth with candles.Featuring all 11 clones of Pinot Noir planted at our Hallberg Ranch is a dazzlingly complex wine! It’s also the perfect wine for the entire festive meal. We recommend a magnum to really feel like a celebration!

Pair with:

  • Any protein (light or dark turkey)
  • Sweet potatoes or yams
  • Creamed corn
  • The whole enchilada! (And maybe turkey enchiladas made from the leftovers.)