Meet the Team


Harvest Intern, Enologist

Zach, with a bottle and a glass of Ruby Ruby, sitting outside the tasting room at the picnic table under our catalpa tree.

What is your favorite quote or song lyric?

“Man is nothing else but what he makes of himself” – Jean-Paul Sartre

What are you most proud of?

Publishing a reaction that I developed in the Journal of Organic Chemistry while in university.

What do you grow (or cook) at home?

Risotto with fresh herbs from my garden. (Thai basil is a surprising addition.)

What’s your favorite season in the vineyard, and why?

Autumn, after the grapes have been harvested. It’s time to relax and watch the leaves change color.

What positive impact do you aim to make in your community or world?

While working in South Africa for a harvest, I joined a small NGO that builds preschools in rural, impoverished communities in Africa. I hope to continue to promote education for kids around the world.


Meet Zach! His first introduction to the culture of wine was an exchange trip to Alsace, France. He continued to study French at Purdue University while completing his BS in Chemistry. Upon graduating, he worked in several pharmaceutical labs before deciding to follow his passion and pursue winemaking instead.

It is the ultimate confluence of all my favorite disciplines: art, science, history, language, culture, hard work, and of course fun.

—Zach Thom, Harvest Intern

Now, with numerous harvests under his belt, Zach is our harvest enologist for 2022. We’re very glad he’s here and hope he has a blast!