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October 2022

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Important Upcoming Dates:

Sept. 27- Oct. 9: Customize
Oct. 10: Card Charged
Oct. 17: Wine Ships
Oct. 19: Wine Available for pickup

Wines To Look Forward To:

2019 Pinot Hill East, New Release
2019 Pinot Hill West, New Release
2019 Wesley’s Reserve, New Release
2018 Pinot Hill Cruz, New Release
2018 Pinot Hill Elite, New Release
2019 Hallberg Ranch
2016 Don’s Block
2016 La Combette
2016 Hallberg Ranch Magnum
2017 Wesley’s Reserve

Recommended Customizations:

2021 Hallberg Blanc
2021 Ruby Ruby Rosé
2020 Hallberg Blanc minis
2018 Hallberg Ranch minis
2017 Hallberg Ranch minis
2016 Pinot Hill East Magnum
2016 Pinot Hill West Magnum
2017 Hallberg Ranch Magnum
2017 Wesley’s Reserve Magnum

Please note that some wines have a maximum bottle number based on available inventory. Looking for more options? Email us or give us a call at 707-823-9463 to further customize.

Tasting Notes

2019 Pinot Hill East — NEW RELEASE

Like Pinot Hill itself, this wine seems to exist on that borderline between cool coastal fog and wind and the fleeting warmth of the sun. The influence of the Pacific is echoed in the mélange of sweet and savory flavors, with aromas of ocean air and dried strawberries mingling with notions of sesame oil and sunflowers. The tannins are taut like a bowstring, providing a flexible quality that adds energy to the rich red berry flavors as they glide to a bright, soaring finish. This is a fabulous food wine that should be served just a touch warmer than cellar temperature. (192 cases)


2019 Pinot Hill West — NEW RELEASE

Made from two highly prized clones of Pinot Noir grown on the western side of Pinot Hill, this captivating wine strikes a terrific balance between fruit, oak, alcohol, and acidity. On the palate, cool waves of black raspberry and bramble fruit are revealed, as well as subtle hints of walnuts, herbs and honey. As it opens up, a softer, melted quality emerges that is both exotic and unctuous, as if the wine is beckoning you to put your feet up and let go. For an ideal drinking experience, serve this opulent wine 5-10 degrees below room temperature. (215 cases)


2021 Hallberg Blanc- NEW RELEASE

Crafted from nine of the 14 clones of Pinot Noir grown at Hallberg Ranch, this lush and flowing wine envelops the palate in layers of white peach, white strawberry, and lemon curd. Like laying in a patch of sun on an autumn day, it flirts between warm and cool tones. As it drifts into a long, lustrous finish, notes of corn silk and ginger candy emerge, hinting at its clonal complexity. Beautifully expressive, we recommend decanting this wine in its youth. (413 cases)


2019 Wesley’s Reserve- NEW RELEASE

A Pinot Noir of regal weight and gravitas, this wine feels almost sculptural, as if it was carefully carved from flavors of big, dark brambly fruit, mineral-rich limestone, and salty sea air. Powerful, yet impeccably balanced, its aromas hover extravagantly above the glass, drawing you in with fascinating hints of ripe berries and melted sugar. The use of 16% whole clusters brings polish and length to the palate, as well as terroir-driven hints of chapparal and herbs. Our most highly structured wine, we recommend decanting and serving closer to room temperature. (264 cases)


2018 Pinot Hill Cruz- NEW RELEASE

Graceful, misty and enigmatic, this wine beckons with fascinating savory aromas of tarragon, anise, dried citrus peel, rose petal, and sun-bleached driftwood. Made exclusively from the coveted Cruz selection (aka Richebourg) of Pinot Noir, and grown in the thinnest soils at the top of Pinot Hill, it transports you to a place of cool, coastal wildness. On the palate, it is bright, resinous and refreshing, making it a fantastic food wine! Serve close to room temperature. (Only 74 cases produced!)


2018 Pinot Hill Elite- NEW RELEASE

Made exclusively from the Elite (aka La Romanée) selection of Pinot Noir and grown on a sun-kissed west-facing hillside, there is a sensual quality to this wine that reveals itself in graceful waves. Deeply colored, and with beguiling layers of cassis, berry nectar, ripe cherry tomato, sweet tobacco leaf and chocolate-covered cherries, it is charming and a touch decadent, while remaining elegant and giving. Sumptuous tannins and a core of mouth-watering acidity add poise and pleasure, as notes of tropical island flowers and nectar emerge on the long, exotic finish. Serve 5-10 degrees below room temperature. (Only 76 cases produced!)


2019 Hallberg Ranch

With a dynamic combination of acid, tannin, floral, fruit and spice notes, this alluring wine captures the complexity and character of our acclaimed Hallberg Ranch. Redolent with aromas of red plum, cherry, tomato leaf, sweet beetroot and pithy pomegranate it draws you in, beckoning a first sip. On the palate, the flavors are framed by supple, fine-grained tannins and succulent acidity, which add a bright, juicy quality to the lush red fruit flavors. As it evolves, layers of Mandarin orange zest, incense and dried flowers emerge, along with hints of clove and allspice that linger on the long, fascinating finish.


2016 Hallberg Ranch

Our 2016 Hallberg Ranch Pinot is pure, elegant, layered and complex. Its purity and elegance come from our unique dry-farming methods, which allow the grapes to develop beautifully full flavors without becoming overripe. At the same time, because Hallberg Ranch has been thoughtfully planted with 11 different clones of Pinot Noir throughout its various vineyard blocks, there is a lovely layered complexity to the wine that is only accentuated by the fact that we harvest over a four-week period. As a result, each clone provides unique flavors and textures to the final wine.

Our 2016 Hallberg Ranch is reminiscent of a warm black cherry tart dusted with cinnamon. There are hints of caramelized sugar and freshly toasted almonds. The wine is driven by dark spices and earth, with a sturdy frame from fine-grained tannins. All of these elements seamlessly combine to create the distinctive wine that is Hallberg Ranch.


2017 Wesley’s Reserve

94 points (Wine Enthusiast)

From its effusive aromas of blackberry, loganberry and black coffee to its luxurious tannic profile and lush intensity, the 2017 Wesley’s Reserve possesses all of the power Hallberg Ranch can muster. On the palate, a fleshy richness and robust tannins underscore the concentrated dark berry flavors. At the same time, there is a fascinating and mature aspect to this wine that reveals itself in layers of earthy coastal forest floor, fresh-cracked black pepper, frankincense, cedar and savory spice. Though powerful and weighty, it still displays the elegance of Hallberg Ranch, and the proud stature of the man for whom it is named.


2016 Don’s Block

Named after our beloved founding winemaker, Don Blackburn, this beautiful wine offers charm, nuance and grace. Aromas of candied cherry, pie crust, cinnamon and flowers, along with sumptuous layers of dark fruit and potpourri make this Pinot both comforting and complex. We think Don would be proud.


2016 La Combette

The 2016 La Combette is as darkly aromatic and complex as Pinot Noir can be. Like a pot of blackberries being reduced in butter, it is at once intensely fruity and gamey. Notes of melted black licorice and fresh porcini mushrooms give it a sweet earthiness that also carries over to the palate. The wine is incredibly plush and creamy, while remaining lithe and poised on the finish due to a succulent acid core.

Food & Wine Recommendation

Rosemary Roasted Mushrooms

PAIR WITH: 2019 Pinot Hill East or 2019 Pinot Hill West

Serve as a side for a protein or make a meal by spooning mushrooms on top of mashed potatoes or creamy polenta. You can also add thyme or sage in addition to the rosemary or instead of.

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