Hallberg Ranch Vineyard

An aerial view of our estate vineyard, Hallberg Ranch.

Location: Sebastopol

Wines Produced:
Hallberg Ranch, Wesley’s Reserve, Don’s Block, La Combette, Hallberg Ranch Elite, Hallberg Blanc, Ruby Ruby Saignée

Goldridge Sandy Loam underlain with Sebastopol Sandy Clay Loam

Russian River Valley, Green Valley, Sonoma Coast

Average Temp During Growing Season:
Daytime: 78.2°F ~
Nighttime: 47.9°F

Clones planted:
4, 5, 37, 115, 459, 667, 777, 828, Cruz, Elite, Hyde

Acres planted: 107.76

Elevation: 200’ above sea level

Grade of slopes: 3.2%

About This Site

The 115 acre home ranch of Emeritus Vineyards is in a cooler region of the Russian River Valley where fog lingers late into the morning. Highly sought after for its Goldridge soil and marine influence that comes from its proximity to the coast, our founder Brice Jones purchased it in 1999. As part of our quest to produce the best Pinot Noir, we set out to switch completely over to dry farming in 2007 and completed weaning the vines of irrigation in the 2011 growing season. It is now the largest dry farmed vineyard in Sonoma County, and possibly in the state of California. 

Dry farming helps the grapes achieve full physiological ripeness at lower sugar levels, with more complex taste components in heightened balance. The lack of dehydration between waterings means the vines become more naturally in balance with the soil and climate, and in turn give the wine a purer expression of Hallberg Ranch’s unique terroir.

Fog and breezes from the Pacific Ocean cool the rolling, ridge-topped land here. During the day, moderate temperatures provide an ideal growing season in which the grapes ripen slowly. Nighttime fog cools the vineyards, most nights to below 55°F, and allows the grapes to retain the crucial acids that carry the flavors in the finished wine. 

Hallberg Ranch’s eponymous wine is a blend representing all of the clones and blocks of the vineyard. In addition, the vineyard produces Wesley’s Reserve, La Combette, Hallberg Ranch Elite, and Don’s Block, named after the late Don Blackburn, Emeritus’s founding winemaker.

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