If you’re feeling stressed, try relaxing your brain with a low-stakes activity that helps you focus on something besides yourself and whatever’s weighing on your mind. Like unwinding at the end of the day with some wine and some coloring! It doesn’t work for everyone, it doesn’t have to be something worthy of taping up on the refrigerator, but if you liked coloring as a kid then you’ll probably like it as an adult, too. 

The idea is, you just zone out and color. Think of it like a self-guided art therapy remix version of meditation that helps with reducing anxiety. When the page is all colored and you come back to yourself, you might find that the break has helped you relax, let go of negativity, and re-center yourself a bit in relation to the day’s problems. 

Plus, it offers a great alternative to ending the day staring at a screen! Light in general (but particularly blue light from LED bulbs and electronic devices) suppresses the release of melatonin, the hormone that helps keep your internal clock and sleep schedule on track. If you find yourself struggling to fall asleep at night, possibly even turning to games on your phone to try and bore yourself to sleep, changing it up with a little low-stakes coloring before bed could help. The better you sleep, the better you’ll feel throughout the day.

Many other hobbies convey these benefits as well. Listening to music, knitting, origami, reading (print books), and writing in a journal all great options as well. They can travel with you wherever you go, and can also be done with a nice glass of wine in hand. 

With the recent adult coloring book craze there are a ton of options on the market. They tend to be more intricate and have both higher paper quality and wider selection of themes than coloring books for children, and the only one who decides whether or not you should stay inside the lines is you. Pick one up if you like, and/or get started now with the free Emeritus coloring page below. Pour yourself a glass of Pinot to go with it and enjoy!

If you color this in and do feel like hanging it up on the proverbial refrigerator, post it on social media and either tag us or use #ShareEmeritus!