A ladybug explores a leaf at Hallberg RanchAre you relaxed and ready for action after the long holiday weekend? Great, because it’s a busy time at Hallberg Ranch and Pinot Hill! 

Right now our vines are growing at a rate of two to five inches a day, which is a testament to the vines’ health and the care with which our vineyard crew takes in tending them. The team is moving through the vineyards and adjusting trellis wires as the vines stretch their shoots, making sure they grow up towards the sky in an orderly fashion. Next they will begin leafing, which thins the foliage to allow optimal airflow over and more of the vines’ resources channeled directly into the coming fruit.

A young grape cluster among the vines at Hallberg Ranch

Since bloom is just about finished, we are keeping an eye out for fruit-set and cluster sizes. This will be our first glimpse of what to expect at harvest and give our winemakers the first hints of what they’ll be working with in the Fall—plenty of time to start fermenting ideas for the 2021 vintage.