Sonoma County is Thrilled to Welcome You Back!

Part of what we love about our corner of California wine country is the extraordinary landscape, array of activities, and amazing food and wine. This week is National Travel & Tourism Week and we are celebrating all the wonderful adventures and vistas our county has to offer.

This year’s theme is the Power of Travel, and we really can’t say enough about what a difference your visits to Sonoma County makes for our local economy. It will make a difference for you, too! Taking vacation time, especially after a year of being more cooped up than usual, inspires higher rates of happiness and physical health, with 89% of people reporting less stress after two days of vacation. Travel also helps build family connections; 61% of kids say that vacations are the best way to spend quality time with their parents and relatives, and it’s a great source of fond, enduring memories. 

So if you can travel, go for it!

Our Favorite Local Spots

Here at Emeritus we celebrate every opportunity we get to connect with our Pinot Fans and E-Club family, from being able to offer in-person tastings again on our patio overlooking the fabulous Hallberg Ranch to our custom virtual experiences that are available to all, and beyond. 

Most of all, we love where we live and want to share it with you.

Favorite Restaurants

Many of our local restaurants are Farm To Table, which emphasizes the integration of food production, processing, distribution, and consumption with enhancing the local environment, economy, and social and nutritional health of a particular place. Visitors can expect a unique stewardship for the land that shines in the many fresh, seasonal offerings there are to choose from! 

Favorite Shopping

Whatever you’re looking for, this area has it all—antique shops, small boutiques, country stores, and even some high-end outlets in Santa Rosa and Petaluma. We especially recommend The Barlow, which is just down the road from our tasting room and a wonderful open-air, dog friendly space to explore and be merry. 

Favorite Parks

At some of these locations you can spot grazing cows (owned and managed by local ranchers), either year round or seasonally because of the host of benefits that include reduced wildfire risk. Just one more of the many ways local agriculture is woven seamlessly into everyday life around here!

For more inspiration and insight into what’s new and happening this season, check out this free Sonoma County Wine Map and start building your Wine Country itinerary today!

Visit from Home

Hallberg Butterfly GardensEven if you can’t visit right this moment, there are still plenty of ways to experience Sonoma County. 

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