Winery Update, July 2021

We’re nearing the bottling at the end of the tunnel. As of last week, we have racked and blended all of our 2020 Pinot Noirs except one: the Hallberg Ranch. Our largest production wine, this will involve quite a lot of expertise and finesse to get the balance just right and bring out all the flavors unique to the fruit grown at Hallberg Ranch.

We have 14 different clones to work with, some selected in Davis or Dijon for specific attributes and some gathered from other vineyards over the years because they made fabulous wine, and each brings something unique to the party. Like notes of cranberry fruit from Clone 5, stone fruit from Clone 37, and small blue fruits from Clone 115, or firm and chewy tannins from Clone 777, syrupy mouthfeel from Elite, and plush mouthfeel from Hyde. 

These qualities are just tendencies, not guarantees, which is part of why every vineyard and vintage makes slightly different wines.

By Monday, our third harvest intern will be here and the team will be fully assembled. We’ll do a bit of vineyard work together, thinning fruit in the Wesley’s block and possibly in Don’s Block as well. Next comes the final prep for bottling the 2020s, and then prep for harvest!