Winery Update, June 2021

Excited about our 2020 wines? So are we! The winery team has started moving the first of our wine from barrels to be ready for bottling.

Earlier this week, the first of our harvest interns, Tyler, arrived for his third year working with us. He’s helping prep older barrels to be used again for the 2021 vintage. We do this by thoroughly rinsing out any debris with water, then steam cleaning each barrel for about twenty minutes each, which sterilizes them. 

Barrel Cleaning A steam wand in a used barrel for about twenty minutes sterilizes it for future use.

Soon we’ll be knee-deep in the final steps for bottling the 2020 wines in late July.

The coming harvest is already on our minds as well. (Because really, when is it ever not?) Members of our winery team are out with our vineyard crew assessing the fruit-set and cluster sizes, and helping with crop thinning. Thinning unwanted clusters allows us to keep the fruit-to-vegetation balance of the vines in an optimal state for growing flavorful and concentrated grapes.