California poppies in focus in the foreground, the Emeritus water tower and distant vines in the background.While spring growth is underway in the vineyard, the 2021 vintage is really coming to fruition in our cellar. This week David and Keith dig into the 2021 Hallberg Ranch, tasting all the different lots and figuring out what fits together to make the final wine.

In March we focused on barrel tastings, drilling down between new barrels and our wines to find the best combinations. But well before coming to barrels, we divided it into separate “lots” or batches based on clones and vineyard blocks. Thirty different lots comprise the core of the 2021 Hallberg Ranch wine. This week is all about finding a few more to add to complete the masterpiece.

Believe it or not, we’re also looking ahead to the 2022 harvest. Right now we have a terrific harvest Enologist lined up and we’re finding good cellar hands who will join us as well. Soon our harvest team will be complete and getting the cellar ready.

We hope you’re all having a fantastic Spring so far. With so much on the horizon, we hope to see you in our tasting room so we can raise a glass together soon!