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Team Emeritus 2019

Many on our team have been together in the vineyard and wine industry for nearly 30 years, including our vineyard manager Kirk Lokka and many others from the vineyard crew to the back of house accounting, sales, and more. 

The next generation, including current president of Emeritus Vineyards, Mari Jones, is just as committed to the winery’s vision of estate grown, terroir driven Pinot Noir. In fact, many began as E-club members themselves! We’ve all been drawn to the Emeritus vision because it’s not only about taking care of the land; it’s about the people as well.

Pinot Noir is a world where most of the greatest wines come from wineries where generations have dedicated their lives to caring for their vineyards. I want Emeritus to outlive me. That means that we need to be sustainable in every sense, from the way we care for our land to making sure that our employees have healthy families. These things aren’t separate from what goes into the bottle; they are essential.

—Mari Jones, President (of Fun)


Mari Jones+

Mari Jones, President (Of Fun)

Kirk Lokka+

Kirk Lokka, Vineyard Manager

Brice Jones+

Brice Jones, Founder

David Lattin+

David Lattin, Winemaker

Keith Hammond+

Keith Hammond, Assistant Winemaker

Riggs Lokka+

Riggs Lokka, Assistant Vineyard Manager

Michael Burton+

Michael Burton, National Sales Manager

Jessie Johnson+

Jessie Johnson, Director of Magic

Maia Talmor+

Maia Talmor, Tasting Room Manager

Bill Caruthers+

Bill Caruthers, Wine Wolf

Tina Settineri+

Tina Settineri, Pinot Ph.D.

Paige Hansen+

Paige Hansen, Ambassador of Fun

Jean Flintsmith+

Jean Flintsmith, Virtual Wine Concierge

Kelly Russell+

Kelly Russell, Private Client Liaison

Marisa Avila+

Marisa Avila, Coordinator of Awesome

Rosendo Avila+

Rosendo Avila, Vineyard Crew

Emiliano Valerio Eufrancio+

Emiliano Valerio Eufrancio, Vineyard Crew

Juan Avila+

Juan Avila, Vineyard Crew

Mari Jones

Mari Jones, President (Of Fun)

As president, Mari Jones oversees all aspects of Emeritus Vineyards. Like her father, Brice Cutrer Jones, Mari believes in a collaborative approach that empowers the talented Emeritus team. She works closely with Vineyard Manager Kirk Lokka and Winemaker Dave Lattin to cultivate high standards of excellence at Emeritus.

Mari grew up playing, camping, and even learning to drive on the Sonoma–Cutrer Estate. At the age of 12, she took her first trip to Burgundy with her father to buy barrels. It was there where Mari discovered Pinot Noir. In a centuries-old cellar, she turned to her father with a glass of Pinot in hand and told him, “This wine is better than yours. You should make wine like this.” Brice was speechless (and in complete agreement).

That experience gave me a new perspective on my family business. It was also when I fell in love with Pinot Noir.

Though an early passion for wine had been instilled in Mari, she was eager to chart her own path. After earning a philosophy degree at Colgate University, she moved to Colorado and worked at the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program. In 2012, after years of giving her father advice from afar, he invited Mari to return to wine country to build a tasting room. Over the next three years, Mari oversaw the design and construction of the Emeritus tasting room, and in 2017, USA Today named Emeritus the “#1 Winery Tour in the USA.” She also founded our E-Club, which in the years since has grown into a thriving community of wine enthusiasts.

From the beginning, we’ve strived to create experiences and build relationships that are personal and meaningful. More than just sharing our wines, we want to share who we are, what we do, and why we love doing it. The more I focused on these goals, the more I knew that Emeritus was something that I wanted to be a part of for decades to come.

As the dedicated second generation to our family-run winery, Mari is active in the Sonoma County Vintners New Gen Committee. The committee works to create a collaborative environment for young winemakers and owners, and to promote Sonoma County to the next generation of wine enthusiasts. She also works on the International Committee to sell and promote Sonoma County wines all over the world.

Winery family dogs, Mocha

At the winery, Mari works with the team to produce the most elegant expressions of Pinot Noir from our vineyards. These wines match the complexity and depth of the ones she first fell in love with in Burgundy, but with a style that’s all California (much like herself). She approaches her role with a long-term vision of sustainability in every sense, from the land to our Emeritus family and beyond.

When not at the winery or traveling the world to share Emeritus, you can find Mari snowboarding or hiking with her dog Mocha.


Kirk Lokka

Kirk Lokka, Vineyard Manager

Kirk Lokka has a well-earned reputation as one of the most accomplished and respected vineyard managers in North America. He has brought a meticulous level of detail and thoughtfulness to planning and planting Emeritus’ estate vineyards. This visionary approach includes dry farming at both vineyards—further elevating the remarkable quality of our California Pinot Noir fruit.

Kirk was born and raised in Sonoma. He first decided on a career in farming at age eight, while riding the tractor at his grandfather’s farm. After receiving his degree in plant science from Fresno State University, he worked on a large cotton farm in Corcoran, California. There, he learned two important things: he did not want to grow cotton, nor to work in the Central Valley. As soon as he could, he moved home to Sonoma County and took a job as a foreman at Sonoma–Cutrer in 1981. His knowledge and dedication quickly earned him the promotion to vineyard manager.

During his 23-year career at Sonoma–Cutrer, Kirk oversaw over 1,200 acres of estate vineyards, including the planting of acclaimed Vine Hill and Owsley Ranch vineyards. Throughout this period, Kirk also helped found the Russian River Valley Winegrowers association, where he served as two-time president. Sonoma County named him “Agri-Business Person of the Year” in 1997.

While at Sonoma–Cutrer, Kirk became good friends with the winery’s founder, Brice Cutrer Jones. They discovered Hallberg Ranch in the mid-90s and coveted it until 1999, when Brice sold Sonoma–Cutrer. When founding Emeritus together, Brice and Kirk did so with the goal of establishing the finest Pinot Noir vineyard in California. Several members of Kirk’s vineyard crew followed him to Emeritus, forming the core of our acclaimed 17-person, full-time vineyard team.

As a vineyard manager, it is incredibly rare when you are given the perfect piece of land to plant a vineyard, and all of the resources necessary to do it exactly the way you know it should be done.

In 2007, Kirk and Brice took inspiration from their friends in Burgundy began transitioning into dry farming at Hallberg Ranch. The following year, Kirk began planting Pinot Hill, a smaller estate vineyard located in the Sebastopol Hills. Dry farming both vineyards established Emeritus as a viticultural leader. Today the two vineyards combined give Emeritus over 140 acres, forming the largest dry-farmed Pinot Noir estate in Sonoma County. Possibly in all of California! In acknowledgment of his pioneering work at Emeritus, the Sonoma County Winegrowers Association honored Kirk as the “Sonoma County Grower of the Year” by in 2017.

Kirk lives on Hallberg Ranch with his wife. He raises sheep and goats at his house, occasionally running the sheep in the vineyard to mow and fertilize. A firm believer in passing on his knowledge to future generations, Kirk avidly supports local 4-H clubs and wine country ag programs.


Brice Jones

Brice Jones, Founder

As the son and grandson of West Point officers, Brice learned to fly when he was just 13 years old. He attended the brand new Air Force Academy and graduated as part of the second class ever in 1961. In 1965, after serving as a fighter pilot in Vietnam, Brice was appointed aide-de-camp to the general in charge of the Vietnam air war. The general also happened to be an avid wine enthusiast.

One of the things I learned from him was how little I knew about wine. But the hook was set, and when I retired from the Air Force, I left with a passion for wine.

Returning to the United States, Brice attended Harvard Business School for the knowledge needed to establish his own vineyard. After earning his MBA in 1972, he founded Sonoma–Cutrer Vineyards. Within the year he was planting estate vineyards in Sonoma County, focusing exclusively on Chardonnay. This made him an early pioneer in the white wine boom that quickly reshaped the American wine landscape. Over the next quarter century Brice established more than 1,000 acres of Chardonnay and built Sonoma–Cutrer into one of America’s most acclaimed wineries. He also developed enduring friendships with some of the most esteemed vintners in Burgundy. In 1999, he was inducted into the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin at a special ceremony at Clos de Vougeot.

That same year, Brice sold Sonoma–Cutrer Vineyards. Some might have embraced the moment as an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Brice, however, immediately began writing a remarkable new chapter in a story that has already seen him go from being an Air Force pilot to one of America’s most respected vintners.

He purchased Hallberg Ranch and founded Emeritus Vineyards with no intention of planting the grape he had built his reputation on. Instead, he had his heart set on creating a new benchmark for New World Pinot Noir. Unlike many California vintners, he has no qualms about citing Burgundy as the inspiration for Emeritus.

Over the years, the things I have learned about growing and making Pinot Noir from my friends and colleagues in Burgundy have been incredibly eye-opening. While it’s been amazing to see what North America has accomplished over the past 50 years, the French have been refining their methods for more than 1,300 years.

As the founder of Emeritus Vineyards, Brice has dedicated two decades to establishing one of California’s finest Pinot Noir estates. Today, his daughter Mari and the Emeritus Team makes some of the New World’s most dynamic and complex Pinot Noirs from more than 140 acres of vines spread between two grand cru-caliber, dry-farmed vineyards.

Emeritus means to earn through service. I chose the name because Emeritus is the culmination of everything I have learned about wine throughout my life. But I also chose it because what we are striving to achieve is something unique and special. It is a goal that has to be earned. Everyone here believes passionately in what we are doing. This spirit is an essential part of our wines.


David Lattin

David Lattin, Winemaker

Though acclaimed Emeritus Winemaker David Lattin has made a wide variety of wines at renowned wineries like Merus, Storybook Mountain, and Kuleto Estate, he began his career at Acacia Winery in 1984. That was where he first fell under the spell of Pinot Noir. 

Pinot Noir is the varietal I cut my teeth on, and it is still the one I love the most. Making a great Pinot Noir—one with nuance, elegance and a deep and meaningful sense of place—is incredibly difficult, and to me is the ultimate challenge.

Since joining Emeritus in 2017, Dave embraced this challenge and dove intp working with Founder Brice Cutrer Jones, Vineyard Manager Kirk Lokka, and President Mari Jones to make profoundly vineyard-driven Pinot Noirs of uncommon purity and aging potential. 

Dave grew up in Corvalis, Oregon, and spent two formative years living in Europe, where his father taught university. From his first memorable sip of Mosel at the age of six, he has cultivated a keen palate and a passion for wine. After earning his bachelor’s degree in microbiology from Oregon State University, Dave moved to California to pursue a master’s degree in enology from UC Davis. While at Davis, Dave met the winemaker for Acacia, who convinced him to join the winery’s team as an intern.

The work inspired him beyond his expectations and he quickly fell in love with winemaking. After turning in his thesis, Dave followed his girlfriend (now his wife) to Paris, where he developed a deep appreciation of French wines. On a shoestring budget, and at times living out of a tent, he regularly traveled to the great wineries of Bordeaux in search of work, ultimately landing a cellar job at Troplong-Mondot.  

After returning to the U.S., he worked as the enologist at Robert Pecota, and later as the cellar master at Storybook Mountain, before rejoining Acacia, where he was promoted to winemaker, and to general manager/winemaker five years later. After eleven years at Acacia, Dave became the winemaker for Kuleto Estate and earned a reputation for making some of Napa Valley’s most alluring and sophisticated mountain-grown wines. In recognition of his skill, whenvintner Bill Foley aquired Kuleto Estate, Dave also became the winemaker for Napa Valley’s acclaimed Merus Wines. In early 2017, Dave left Kuleto Estate and Merus to join the team at Emeritus. 

I spoke with Brice and he said the magic words: ‘all estate, all dry farmed, all Pinot Noir.’ Before I accepted the job, I drove back up to Hallberg Ranch on my own, and just stared at the vineyard. It is such a remarkable piece of land—like a gorgeous green flying carpet. It was so clear to me that the vines had found something deep down that they loved. I knew that I wanted to make its wines.

At Emeritus, Dave works to preserve the clonal diversity of different estate blocks by doing as many as 50 individual fermentations each vintage. He also focuses on assessing the maturity of different clones at different Brix levels. Because we dry farm, the grapes develop full color and flavor at lower sugar content, while also gaining sophistication and finesse. 

Working with Brice, Dave is also refining Emeritus’s barrel program. The team visits Burgundy every year to look at the wood for our barrel staves, and to guide how it is seasoned before it’s put to use. Emeritus sources barrels from three different coopers, each family owned for multiple generations. Dave is very thoughtful and restrained in his use of new oak, but acknowledges that each barrel brings something different to the wines. His goal is to make wines that are pure, elegant and aroma-driven, with succulent acidity, excellent texture, and length. 

The finest Pinots inspire the senses and stir the soul. They are also wines that transport you to the place they were grown. These things are the essence of Emeritus.


Keith Hammond

Keith Hammond, Assistant Winemaker

Keith Hammond was born and raised in Sebastopol, a true Sonoma County native. He studied mechanics and music in college but became infatuated with wine, so he started in the wine industry managing wine clubs and pouring in tasting rooms around Sonoma County.

Keith first began at Emeritus in 2007 working for our original winemaker Don Blackburn, followed by Don’s successor Nicolas. He and Nicolas worked together until 2015, when Keith took a short leave to experiment with different varieties and terroir. Most recently he has been making wine with Philippe Bascaules (managing director of Chateau Margeaux/Inglenook).

From the start, Russian River Valley Pinot Noir has set a high standard for Keith and has largely shaped his vision and expectations for fine wine. He is ecstatic to be back at Emeritus continuing the tradition of crafting unique Pinot from the very special vineyards here.

When he’s not making wine, he loves to explore new places, new wines, and new food with his wife Amber. He also has a particular affinity for sipping Chartreuse.


Riggs Lokka

Riggs Lokka, Assistant Vineyard Manager

Born and raised in Sonoma County, Riggs Lokka was raised in the wine industry—from going to work with his dad at Sonoma Cutrer to going with his mom to Glenn Ellen Winery. When Emeritus Vineyards was established, he planted vines alongside the vineyard crew and has been a piece of the puzzle ever since.

When the Lokkas moved to the ranch in 2004, Riggs enrolled at El Molino High School and took an agriculture class, where he discovered a love for animals. This also planted the seed for teaching. He actively participated in 4H as a member, and flourished in FFA where he excelled in career development events. While in high school, Riggs competed in Livestock Judging and Grapevine Pruning. His skills and hard work paid off there, propelling him towards being a State Champion Livestock Judge in 2007 and three-time Sonoma County Pruning Champion. 

After completing high school Riggs moved on to Santa Rosa Junior College, where he earned associate degrees in Animal Science and Vineyard Management, and then to Fresno State for a degree in Teaching as well. While at Fresno State he managed the vegetable crop unit , sheep unit , and in his spare time was also cut meat in the 100% student-run Fresno State Meat Lab.

Riggs went into teaching in 2013 at Santa Rosa High School, instructing students in Animal Science and Viticulture. Three years later he decided to try something different; he moved south to Stockton and taught Agriculture Mechanics (welding and woodshop). Every summer, when not attending fairs and helping kids with projects, Riggs returned home to work alongside his father Kirk at Emeritus. 

In July of 2020, Riggs decided that while teaching for seven years had been incredibly fulfilling, he was ready to transition to his final career. He moved back to Sonoma County and joined the Emeritus Vineyards crew full time, and these days can be found either out in the vineyards, popping into the tasting room to provide a laugh, or with his wife Emily, Mini Heeler dog Jade, and cat Ivy.


Michael Burton

Michael Burton, National Sales Manager

As national sales manager, Michael Burton leverages a quarter century of experience in almost every aspect of the wine industry to guide the sales program for Emeritus Vineyards. A dynamic and accomplished executive, he was drawn to Emeritus by the opportunity to work at a singularly focused, family-run winery. 

It is a rarity when a winery dedicates itself to doing one thing exceptionally well. The commitment Emeritus has made to focus exclusively on dry-farmed estate-grown Pinot Noir reminds me of the great wineries of Burgundy. My role is to help give voice to this exciting story.

Michael was raised in Boston, MA, and spent a decade serving in the U.S. Army as a non-commissioned officer before returning to Boston. There he joined the founding team at Chef Todd English’s acclaimed restaurant Olives. At English’s invitation, Michael relocated to Las Vegas in 1998 to take on the role of beverage manager at Olives Las Vegas, where he worked alongside noted Master Sommelier Jay James. Following Olives, Michael spent four years at Las Vegas-based distributor Breakthru Beverage Group. Then he joined Wilson Daniels, where he served as a divisional vice president. Mentored by visionary executive Win Wilson, Michael spent the next decade representing an elite portfolio of clients, including Schramsberg, Silverado, Ponzi, Royal Tokaji, Dujac, Salon, Biondi Santi, and Domaine de la Romanée-Conti.

Following his tenure at Wilson Daniels, Michael transitioned to the winery side of the industry, applying his knowledge and experience as the general manager for Oregon’s Rose and Arrow Estate, and as the general manager and head of national sales for Walla Walla Vintners. In addition to his numerous professional accomplishments, Michael holds a degree in business administration and management, and an MBA, from California State University, Fullerton. He is also a certified sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers, a certified specialist of wine, and a certified sake professional. 

Michael lives in Greater Los Angeles with his wife and two rescue dogs. Animal welfare and activism is an important part of their life. Together they also enjoy the Los Angeles lifestyle including the art scene, music, revitalized restaurant movement, and of course the beach!


Jessie Johnson

Jessie Johnson, Director of Magic

Jessie Johnson’s passion for hospitality and connecting with people naturally led her to the wine industry. 

From my earliest experiences with wine, I’ve always loved its ability to bring people together. Along with amazing wines, that sense of personal connection is what makes a great winery.

Jessie grew up in Calabasas, CA, and earned both her Bachelor of Arts in international studies and a Master’s in business administration from Humboldt State University. While attending university, Jessie had her “a ha!” wine moment over a glass of Pinot Noir during a dinner with friends.

Inspired, she began hosting wine dinners with friends and went on to write a strategic winery plan as her master’s thesis. That launched Jessie into her career in wine running wine clubs, tasting rooms, and more at wineries like Francis Ford Coppola, Dutton-Goldfield, and Gary Farrell.

Since joining Emeritus, Jessie has applied her love of hospitality to guide every aspect of how we communicate and connect with our community and members. 

I love wine, but people are my passion. Wine provides a way for us to slow down and savor those special moments, while connecting with friends. With so many wineries out there, when people choose Emeritus, I want them to feel honored and appreciated—I want them to feel like they’re guests in our home.

Jessie lives in Bodega with her husband, Peter, and their two young children, Violet and Paul. While she loves traveling, when she is at home she loves to spend time at the beach, hanging out with friends, or cooking up something fun in her kitchen. 


Maia Talmor

Maia Talmor, Tasting Room Manager

Maia Talmor’s love for hospitality started at a young age while growing up in Connecticut. When tall enough to reach the counters, she helped her mother in the kitchen, preparing for the large dinners her family often hosted.

Later, upon graduating from Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration, she worked in both large and small restaurants in the Boston area. Her first glimpse into the wonderful world of wine came at Del Frisco’s and continued while working under Master Sommelier, Brahm Callahan, at the Himmel Hospitality Group.

In 2018, Maia decided it was time for a change. While on a short visit to Napa and Sonoma to do research before moving cross country to pursue a career in the wine industry, she fell in love with Emeritus wines. Thanks to her experience managing busy restaurants, she proved a perfect fit for Tasting Room Lead. She’s happily settled into West Coast life and our tasting room, where she loves meeting club members and first-time guests alike, and has recently been promoted to Tasting Room Manager!

When not in the tasting room, Maia enjoys visiting other wineries, traveling, cheering on the New York Rangers when they’re in town playing the Sharks, cooking, and baking.


Bill Caruthers

Bill Caruthers, Wine Wolf

Bill Caruthers is Emeritus’ Wine Wolf. He retired from corporate America in 2009 after a successful career as a District General Manager for Pepsi Cola Alpac Corporation, Sieman’s Building Technologies, and Johnson Controls. Throughout his career  and client and company business dinners across the country, he developed a taste for food and wine pairings.  In the course of those many meals, a world of varietals and culturally different dishes caught his attention.  Pinot’s being one of his favorites.

In 2011 after visiting Paris on a couple of cruises and at Christmas with family and friends, Bill set his sights on the wine industry. He applied his sales and hospitality skills to his knowledge of wine and foods to  help people discover their palates and wines they’ll love.  In 2016 Bill came to work at Emeritus in our tasting room. Recently,  he celebrated his 6th year anniversary with Emeritus in May of 2022.

Bill is a veteran and a volunteer.  He taught diversity training and minority training to every graduating officer from the Seattle Police Academy for three years. As a volunteer, he has worked for the Chicken Soup Brigade,  with abandon and abused horses in Sonoma County at a Horse Rescue operation, and organizing food drives between Siemens and Johnson Control for the Redwood Empire Food Bank.

Currently he spends his time off work at home along the Russian River.  There, he and and his partner Doug visit with friends and neighbors, as well as doing food and wine pairings for guests in their home.


Tina Settineri

Tina Settineri, Pinot Ph.D.

Tina Settineri is Emeritus’s Pinot Ph.D. After growing up in Pennsylvania and attending college in Ohio, Tina moved to California for graduate school, where she received her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of California, SF. She spent 20 years working in application development, product management, and executive management in the biotech industry in the SF Bay Area.

During that time, she spent many weekends and vacations wine tasting in the Northern California area, where she learned about wines and winemaking as a tourist. As part of this process, she came to appreciate what a quality wine-tasting experience should include.

After her leaving her corporate career to start her own consulting business in 2017, she moved to Sebastopol. With her eye on working in the local tasting room, she improved her wine education by taking the Napa Valley Wine Academy WSET level 1 and 2 classes. In the meantime she continued exploring the local wineries and joined our E-Club. Soon after, she joined the Emeritus tasting room team in 2019.

When not in the tasting room or working in her consulting business, Tina is an avid landscaper and gardener. She enjoys cooking and baking with the vegetable and fruits that she harvests—and loves pairing them with wines from Emeritus as well as from her other wine clubs—and of course sharing these with friends! Tina enjoys traveling with her husband and volunteering in the garden at Food For Thought in Forestville. Tina and her husband, Dave, have two grown children, Sarah and Jeremy.


Paige Hansen

Paige Hansen, Ambassador of Fun

Paige Hansen has been an E-Club member for years and is now our Ambassador of Fun! She has worked in hospitality for quite a while and has a degree in culinary arts.

Winery family dogs, Zoey and PiperWhen Paige and her husband moved to California in 2016, they spent their first day as Californians at our End of Frost Party. Drinking Emeritus and munching on pizza was a great way to wrap up their long drive from Pennsylvania. 

Paige is an enthusiastic dog mom to two rescue pups, Zoey and Piper, and loves making them lots of treats and exploring dog friendly restaurants and wineries. She is also a fantastic photographer and often has her equipment along with her. In her free time, you will likely find her discussing the meals she is planning or sharing her homemade treats with dogs and humans alike.


Jean Flintsmith

Jean Flintsmith, Virtual Wine Concierge

Jean Flintsmith grew up in San Jose, California. With one parent in the wine industry, she’s been in and out of tasting rooms her whole life and can think of no more powerful sense-memory than the scent of a barrel room. She officially discovered her love of wine the first time she had a bite of dark chocolate immediately followed by a sip of Zinfandel. Although her main passion is creative writing, she has never lost interest in food and wine pairings. 

After graduating with a BA from Sarah Lawrence College in New York, a chance move to Sonoma County gave Jean the opportunity to work for an estate grown hard cider company. There she learned about things like the expression terroir in a finished bottle, whether it’s made from apples or from grapes. One afternoon she visited Emeritus for a tasting, fell in love with Ruby Ruby, and signed up for her first wine club ever.

Three cats chilling in a cat tower by the windowSix months later Jean jumped at the chance to join the Emeritus team and is loving every second of it, from helping out in the tasting room and with club shipments to running the company’s social media accounts and website. (Say hello to the writer of the E-Files!) When her husband proposed, Hallberg Ranch was the natural choice for their engagement photos. 

Jean is a cat mom of three rescue girls, and will be more than happy to show off pictures and swap pet stories. Her second oldest cat is also a big fan of the Ruby Ruby, and rosé in general, despite being quickly shooed away from the glass every time. Apparently it runs in the family!


Kelly Russell

Kelly Russell, Private Client Liaison

Kelly was raised in Sonoma County, and grew up following in her parents footsteps in the restaurant and catering side of Hospitality. After having her first child, Blake, she decided to be a stay-at-home mom. Once baby number two, Leah, came around Kelly realized that she needed a “day off” and began to explore the bustling local wine industry.

Based primarily in Sebastopol, Kelly worked in various tasting rooms beginning in 2015. She eventually made her way to the Emeritus tasting room in 2017, and has grown into the position of spearheading our online phone sales. If you’ve placed an order over the phone, chances are it was with her!

When not at work Kelly enjoys spending time with family and friends. Her favorite activities wine tasting, yoga, hanging out by the pool or at the beach, and hiking with her kids.


Marisa Avila

Marisa Avila, Coordinator of Awesome

Marisa has a spitfire sense of humor, wears many hats to help keep the winery running smoothly, and makes the best homemade salsas. She helps every team with special projects and assists all departments by keeping them organized and fully supplied. Whenever the winemaking team needs another hand on the bottling line or sorting table she’s there, and on a busy day in the tasting room she’ll be polishing glasses. She is glue that holds everything and everyone together!

Family is very important to Marisa. She has two teenage boys and is one of many in the Avila family to work at Emeritus. After over 11 years at Emeritus, she brings the same love of her family to our team. You know how our small production wines come in Emeritus tissue paper? That’s Marisa’s handiwork, wrapped as thoughtfully as she would a gift for someone’s birthday. We are truly lucky to have Marisa and her positive energy on a daily basis.

Marisa tiene un gran sentido del humor, usa muchos sombreros para ayudar a que la bodega funcione sin problemas, y hace las mejores salsas caseras. Ella ayuda a cada equipo con proyectos especiales y asiste a todos los departamentos manteniéndolos organizados y completamente abastecidos. Siempre que el equipo de elaboración del vino necesita otra mano en la línea de embotellado o en la mesa de clasificación, ella está ahí, y en un día ajetreado en la sala de degustación estará puliendo copas. ¡Ella es el pegamento que mantiene a todo ya todos juntos!

La familia es muy importante para Marisa. Tiene dos hijos adolescentes y es una de los muchos miembros de la familia Ávila que trabajan en Emeritus. Después de más de 11 años en Emeritus, trae el mismo amor de su familia a nuestro equipo. ¿Sabes cómo vienen nuestros vinos de pequeña producción en papel de seda Emeritus? Esa es la obra de Marisa, envuelta tan cuidadosamente como si fuera un regalo para el cumpleaños de alguien. Somos realmente afortunados de tener a Marisa y su energía positiva a diario.


Rosendo Avila

Rosendo Avila, Vineyard Crew

Rosendo Avila joined our team in 1999 and is a regular contender at local pruning contests. In February of 2021, he marked his 20th year with Emeritus Vineyards with his 6th win of our in-house Pruning Championship. He is also a two-time Sonoma County Pruning Champion (2015 and 2017).

In the vineyard, it’s important to understand the multiple different pruning methods and always make safety a top priority. Rosendo does, making him the perfect choice to ensure all Emeritus pruning tools are kept in top condition. He also leads our crew in pruning and in training young or newly grafted vines to produce top quality grapes. Our incoming workers become better pruners, both in our vineyards and throughout their careers, thanks to Rosendo’s guidance.

Rosendo Avila se unió a nuestro equipo en 1999 y es un competidor habitual en los concursos de poda locales. En febrero de 2021, cumplió 20 años con Emeritus Vineyards con su sexta victoria en nuestro campeonato de poda interno. También es dos veces campeón de poda del condado de Sonoma (2015 y 2017).

En el viñedo, es importante comprender los múltiples métodos de poda diferentes y siempre hacer de la seguridad una prioridad máxima. Rosendo lo hace, lo que lo convierte en la elección perfecta para garantizar que todas las herramientas de poda Emeritus se mantengan en las mejores condiciones. También lidera a nuestro equipo en la poda y en el entrenamiento de cepas jóvenes o recién injertadas para producir uvas de la mejor calidad. Nuestros trabajadores entrantes se convierten en mejores podadores, tanto en nuestros viñedos como a lo largo de sus carreras, gracias a la orientación de Rosendo.


Emiliano Valerio Eufrancio

Emiliano Valerio Eufrancio, Vineyard Crew

Emiliano was recently awarded the October 2021 SCGGF Vineyard Employee Recognition Award for displaying incredible talent during our harvest season. During the 2021 Harvest he was a jack of all trades, from working in the vineyard at night to assisting on the crush pad during the mornings. Emiliano was integral for the entirety of harvest as a picker alongside the crew, a light vehicle operator, and tractor driver. Whatever we needed! On top of these responsibilities, he also assisted with bin retrieval from various wineries and delivering grapes to multiple sites.

His hard work and dedication shines through even in high stress situations. One night during harvest, a light vehicle had stalled in the vineyard and the lights stopped working. Emiliano jumped into action by fixing the vehicle and restarting the lights, allowing the harvest to continue without a hitch.

During the rest of the year he is our lead shop mechanic, in charge of facility maintenance and the lead on the landscape management around the winery. We at Emeritus are enormously grateful for Emiliano’s determination in the vineyard and eagerness to continually learn more on how to help the vineyard succeed, not only during harvest but throughout the year.

Emiliano recibió recientemente el premio SCGGF Vineyard Employee Recognition Award en Octubre de 2021 por mostrar un talento increíble durante nuestra temporada de cosecha. Durante la cosecha de 2021 fue un experto en todos los oficios, desde trabajar en el viñedo por la noche hasta ayudar en la plataforma de aplastamiento durante las mañanas. Emiliano fue integral durante la totalidad de la cosecha, ya que sería un recolector junto con la cuadrilla, un operador de vehículos livianos y un conductor de tractor según fuera necesario. Incluso con estas responsabilidades, continuó sobresaliendo al ayudar con la recuperación de contenedores de varias bodegas y entregar uvas a múltiples sitios.

Su arduo trabajo y dedicación brilla incluso en situaciones de alto estrés. Una noche durante la cosecha, un vehículo ligero se paró en el viñedo y las luces dejaron de funcionar. Emiliano entró en acción arreglando el vehículo y volviendo a encender las luces, lo que permitió que la cosecha continuara sin problemas.

Durante el resto del año, es nuestro mecánico líder en el taller, a cargo del mantenimiento de las instalaciones y el líder en la gestión del paisaje alrededor de la bodega. En Emeritus estamos enormemente agradecidos por la determinación de Emiliano en el viñedo y el entusiasmo por aprender continuamente más sobre cómo ayudar al viñedo a tener éxito no solo durante la cosecha sino durante todo el año.


Juan Avila

Juan Avila, Vineyard Crew

Juan has been in the Sonoma County wine industry for 35 years, and during his 22 years with Emeritus has been an integral part in the growth and success of both Hallberg and Pinot Hill vineyards. Because of his vast experience through our ranches, Juan sees the benefits of sustainable farming and takes initiative to assess situations accordingly.

As the lead foreman and Pinot Hill ranch manager, Juan’s integrity makes him honest and true to what he believes in, and those values of paving the way for future generations closely align with what we strive to be here at Emeritus. Each member of the team here is treated as one of his own family, collaborating with them effortlessly and encouraging teamwork among his peers. He will always greet you with a smile, and while working alongside him you find that his outgoing personality will make your day even better. When new employees are hired on, Juan is the first to welcome them and teach them the high standards we have in caring for our vineyards. He combines strategy with each employee’s strengths so that the jobs can be done accurately and efficiently. Our success would not come full circle without employees like Juan!

Juan ha estado en la industria del vino del Condado de Sonoma durante 35 años, y durante sus 22 años con Emeritus ha sido una parte integral del crecimiento y el éxito de los viñedos de Hallberg y Pinot Hill. Debido a su vasta experiencia en nuestros ranchos, Juan ve los beneficios de la agricultura sostenible y toma la iniciativa para evaluar los problemas en consecuencia.

Como capataz principal y gerente del rancho Pinot Hill, la integridad de Juan lo hace honesto y fiel a lo que cree, y esos valores de allanar el camino para las generaciones futuras se alinean estrechamente con lo que nos esforzamos por ser aquí en Emeritus. Cada miembro del equipo aquí es tratado como uno de su propia familia, colaborando con ellos sin esfuerzo y fomentando el trabajo en equipo entre sus compañeros. Siempre te recibirá con una sonrisa y, mientras trabajas junto a él, descubres que su personalidad extrovertida hará que tu día sea aún mejor. Cuando se contratan nuevos empleados, Juan es el primero en darles la bienvenida y enseñarles los altos estándares que tenemos en el cuidado de nuestros viñedos. Combina la estrategia con las fortalezas de cada empleado para que los trabajos se puedan realizar con precisión y eficiencia. ¡Nuestro éxito no se completaría sin empleados como Juan!



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